Overview of Ibn Tulun Mosque
Ibn Tulun Mosque is not an ordinary Mosque, it’s one of the oldest and largest Mosques in the world as it contains an unbelievable amount of history, beauty, and elegance. Ibn Tulun Mosque is known for being the best-preserved mosque in Egypt, Cairo’s oldest intact functioning Islamic monument and one of the most important historical and architectural achievement in Muslim civilization. It was built by the Emir Ahmed Ibn Tulun who ruled Egypt from 868 to 883A.D under the rule of the Abbasid Caliph. After taking control of Egypt, he founded a new city called Al-Qata’I on a rocky outcrop said to be the landing site of Noah’s Ark. In May 879 C.E, The construction of a palace complex, a hippodrome, large mosque named after him was completed. The mosque of Ibn Tulun considered being one of the most famous Cairo tourist attractions, that you can’t be missed during your trips to Egypt.

Components of Ibn Tulun Mosque